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The Board of Metropolitan East School Sport, Regional Office Staff, and the students and teachers who have represented Metropolitan East at State Championships congratulate the Chair of our Board, Mr Paul Bancroft, on his inclusion in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for 2014.

Mr Bancroft was awarded the honour of an OAM for his contributions to many fields of Education, including his leadership of school sport programs and particularly his work as Chair of the Metropolitan East School Sport Region.

Paul is the Principal of Cleveland District State High School where he coaches a school football team.


What's New in Regional Trials?

Education Queensland requires that permission is provided before student details and photographs may be published in event programs, on web sites etc.  Queensland School Sport has a form called a Project Consent Form which carries that permission.  This form must be completed and returned to the student's school where it will be recorded and archived for all future sporting activities.
All the new information about regional trials is here  ...  .  Please check these entries.

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02.02.14:  Regional Records after 2014 Regional Swimming Trials  ...  Read more
22.05.14:  Results from 10 to 12yrs Cross Country trials on 20 May 2014  ...  All results
22.05.14:  Results from 13 to 19yrs Cross Country trials on 20 May 2014  ...  All results
31.07.14:  Info Pack for Combined 10 to 12 Yrs and 13 to 19 Yrs Track & Field trials  ...  Read more


From time to time,  programs of financial assistance  to families with students participating in representative sport are made available by various groups, including the Federal and State Governments.
Three such programs are:
                    Local Sporting Champions
                    Getting Started and
                    Future State Greats.
You can find more information by checking our page of Other Sports Information.

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What's New in Photo Reports?

07.07.14:  11s Rugby League at Kougari Oval  ...  View Photo Report
19.07.14:  10s to 12s Cross Country Relays at John Paul College  ...  View Photo Report
22.07.14:  10s to 19s Golf at Oxley Golf Club  ...  View Photo Report
24.07.14:  15s Girls Basketball at State Netball Centre  ...  View Photo Report
24.07.14:  15s Boys Basketball at State Netball Centre  ...  View Photo Report




What's New for Teachers?

20.05.14:  Teachers at Regional 12s&U and 19s&U Boys and Girls Golf, Wynnum GC  ...  View Photo Report
16.05.14:  Teachers at Regional 12s&U Boys and Girls Softball, Redlands Softball Assoc  ...  View Photo Report
25.07.14:  Teachers at Regional 12s&U Rugby Union, Sunnybank RUFC  ...  View Photo Report