Sports Categories



Football is a popular sport in Queensland, and all the schools have their football teams of different age groups. The school managements pay attention to the development of the games at the very grassroots level and thus organise various competitions among different schools. The senior most team of schools has a massive fan following, and MetEast makes sure that all the fans get the most accurate and authentic information about the teams they support.



One of the national games of Australia, cricket has a special place in the sports curriculum of every school, not only in Queensland but the entire nation. The school management starts their cricket at a very early age and conducts various sports meet and seminars from time to time to develop the players. MetEast acts as an ideal platform for all the fans, and they can quickly get all the news and vital information about their respective school team.



This is another popular sport that is highly appreciated across the schools in Queensland, especially the Gold Coast region. Youngsters love this excellent game, and the teams have a massive fan base across the state. The MetEast club always provide accurate information about the past and future events related to basketball to all the fans. There are a couple of big tournaments that take place in summer.


Australian Football

Australian rules football, known as Australian football is a contact sport played between two teams. It is also known as football, Aussie rules or footy. Along with cricket, this is a national sport of Australia and has a massive fan following in the entire nation. And Queensland is no different! All the fans get all the authentic information and news about the upcoming events from MetEast club. Our expert team members closely follow sports in different schools.



One of the most common sports in schools in Queensland, tennis is quite popular among youngsters. The management conducts numerous tournaments to develop the players at a grassroots level. The professionals and volunteers of MetEast club keep a close watch on different events of this game across the state and provide vital information to the fans of this game. If you like this game and want the latest news, become a member of the club.



One of the most popular sports in the world, volleyball has its place in the sports curriculum of Queensland’s schools. Our club keeps a track record of all the sports meet and events so that we can provide authentic information related to the event, a specific team, any tournament or a particular player. The game has a massive fan base across the nation.



It might not be as popular as Australian football, cricket or football, but still, baseball has a massive fan base in Queensland. And this is pretty much visible across the schools in Queensland. Usually played during summer, the management of the school organise different events to promote this game among youngsters. We keep a close watch on all the latest happenings to provide the most accurate information to the fans.



This is an excellent activity and is very common in schools in Australia. Under the supervision of experts, the school trains their children and develops them to compete in various inter-school competitions. MetEast keeps all the vital information of events across the state and provides the required news to the swimming enthusiast. Our volunteers not only give the report but also participate in these competitions. Thus, they have the best possible information about a particular event.